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Great App

This is a great app however in future updates could you please add a feature to switch ranges to metric. It still gives all the same data however I have to take an additional step of converting yards to meters. Keep up the great work!

Crashes constantly

I am not the only user having this problem. This makes this app expensive junk. I have contacted the developer about this failure and Apple does not care about the customer enough to provide a path to resolution. My only recourse is to post my experience and dissatisfaction on YouTube videos for it.


This a total waste of $30. It doesnt work properly and repeated emails to the company have gone unanswered. Typical ripoff, they just want your money. Apple should kick them off the App Store. Jym Johnson


Not too stoked on this app Wasted 30 bucks. Would not recommend. Cant give less than 1 star or I would.

Great app. Best I have

An app easy to use and so smartly designed. Everythings inside: coriolis effect, millers stability... Calculations perfectly accurate. For sure the only one I will use from up to now. As usual, many thanks Bryan. The reading frog

Needs to be fixed!!!!

Wind speed input is buggy. No matter what you do the number exponentially increases thus rendering a $30 dollar app useless. Please fix!!!

Good potential, improvement needed!

This app has several bugs that need to be addressed. Fortunately, the producers respond rapidly to the critics. Something really missing is a tutor section that may help in using the different options. The price is really ridiculous and embarrassing!

Great App

Has some good features not found in any other external ballistic calculator, but still has bugs. The major one is that it crashes when trying to use the Ballistic Calibration feature. I have written to the developer about it but have not received a reply yet. Update: the Ballistic Calibration feature works now.

Very poor app

Good concept but to many bugs. Since the last update there is more bugs making the app useless. Waitin since3 week for an new update to fix these bugs

Bad app for iPhone

Should not be sold on the App Store

Been waiting awhile...

Great program finally comes to iOS. Have used before on other platforms and really missed it on iOS. Great company behind the math and down to earth, plain speak explanations. Do yourself a favor and educate yourself with Litz’s books. The answers are there.

Bob E

Outstanding!! Haven’t settled yet on which device I want for my solver, data, etc.. So glad I now have a high quality Ballistic solver for my iPhone. Thanks AP!

Updated needed...

Well after a long wait, its finally here. Or is it? Im sure the app will eventually be great but right now there are tons of bugs. The atmospherics wont auto-populate being the most glaring. The "come ups" are drastically different than competitor programs. I havent had a chance to shoot and test this but will this week. So well see about that. Again, I have hope for this becoming my go to app, but as it stands, it needs some work.

its got some fixes waiting for Apple to push out

Some of the menu navigation is not quite intuitive so read, re-read their online instructions and when in doubt swipe anyof your input fields to the left. Read on one of their support threads (Snipers Hide) about some bug fixes based on feedback (excellent turnaround time!) one of which happens to be for the specific bullets data I use for long range target shooting. They are waiting for Apple to push these fixes out now so once I see how the apps solutions line up with my observed data I might raise this to 5 stars. As is though, this is a very good tool for distance shooting that you can now use on your iOS device. Plus it comes from a crew of people dedicated to this sport, very responsive and enthusiastic. a As a matter of fact, if you are new to the sport you could look at this app as an excellent primer. Study this app, learn how to use it, practice with it and you will ramp up your ability very effectively making this app a great value.

Bug fix needed

Sight in distance immediately changes in the HUD/table. My sight in distance is 200yds entered into the bullet data. When I look at the table, 200yds is down .4 MOA and 225yds is closer to my zero.

Great app, could use one more feature

This is the most useful and user friendly ballistics calculator I have used. One small feature would make it perfect. If it allowed you to just enter Density Altitude instead of all the atmospheric conditions it would be 5 stars. Seems like an easy feature to add, so might make a good next release.

Needs some work...

Several issues with the second release: Hi, I recently purchased AB for iPhone and cant get several things to work compared to friends who have the same on Droids. 1. I do not see a way to purchase custom drag curves even making sure advance mode is on. In drag selection I only have G1 and G7. 2. In Ballistic Calculation, Range 1 is 1566 to 2116 yds, Range 2 is 3055 to 3867 yds and Range 3, at least 300 yds longer than Range 3. Thats not gonna happen. Even after adjusting target range and turning on/off zero data, those huge numbers stay the same. 3. I am definitely getting different solutions that using G7 data or experimental G1 data in AB than I do with Shooter and Shooter is closer to actual out to 2000 yards.

iPhone User Save Your $

Ios app has basic features. Wont allow you to edit bullet characteristics (like fps) after initially saved. Closing the app requires re-entry of atmospherics and target data...EVERY TIME. No bluetooth link capabilities with Kestrel like on Droid version. If this was free i would use it on my iphone. Otherwise, save your $

Elevation feature request

Please allow displaying 2 digits after decimal for elevation.

Beware of other reviews

I purchased this app yesterday before heading to the range. I was skeptical of the purchase due to the poor reviews but am very pleased so far. Many of the reviews complain that the different guns and ammunition cant be edited or deleted after entry, this is not true. You simply swipe left on the entry (kind of like you do with any other list of stuff in iOS e.i. music, emails, etc.) and you have the option to edit or delete the data. There are also complaints about having to re-enter atmospheric info each time you open the app or switch from different ammo. Also untrue, from the home screen there is icon that allows you to access preferences. There you will find an option to save atmospheric data along with a ton of other options. As for the accuracy of the calculation that it performs I have no experience with other sources to compare it to and have not completed the calibration process yet, which is essential at this point because I have no chronograph to measure my muzzle velocity. I plan to post any issues with accuracy of the algorithm if I notice any.

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