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Worked on my iPad but now it doesnt

I installed the app on my iPhone and iPad. It worked on both, including websynch, as of yesterday. I used my iPhone at the range today and modified the velocity of the bullet in one of my rifles so I synched it to the web. When I got home I discovered that the iPad version synchs but when I select the bullet it crashes. It does this on every bullet for every rifle. I have yet to figure out how to get the app to pull weather. The selector in the preferences is turned on but nothing ever changes It seems accurate but Ive only tested at 100, 200, & 300

Great App but needs more reticle choices

I have been playing with the app for a few days now and it seems to function as advertised. Ill be testing it out at the range this weekend and will update with field use. I do wish I had known there arent as many reticles as some other apps have. I shoot a few NF V1000 reticles and would love to see these added.


Great App that has taken A LOT of guess work out of my shooting. I consult the app before each range outing and I thoroughly trust it. I have slight issue with the atmospheric data zeroing out if I change the load and the app seems to default to a 135 yd zero even after I input 100 yds as the zero. The data still spits out 135 yds as the zero... Overall not a huge issue but does cause frustration. I still recommend it to fellow shooters but would enjoy seeing these minor bugs fixed

Cant edit

I give this 3stars because you cant edit or remove old information, other than that its been great.....lets get on it!!!!

Works great

The app has been spot on for me when fed accurate information, out to 1,360 yards. Magneto chrono velocities combined with a kestrel and accurate BC make accurate solutions possible. Everyone says you cant edit velocities etc. you can, simply swipe to left on the load or rifle you wish to edit and you can make any changes you want. I highly recommend this app.

Attorney and long range shooter.

This app is poor. There are others that are far superior to this app for a lot less money. I shoot .338 Lapua out past 1000 yards and both Shooter and Strelok Pro have proven to calculate accurate firing solutions. I purchased this app only because Bryan Litz name is associated with it. It is poor! Buy Strelok Pro and dont bother with others unless youre going to spend the money on ATRAG.

No updates and buggy. Avoid.

Purchased it because of Litzs good name and unfortunately the program is buggy and updates never happen. Its too bad because it is the best UI of any calf out there.

Excellent app after you spend time and learn it.

When you enter all the correct data it works perfectly.


Looks like a good program, but constantly closes/shuts down. Also would like more reticules.

Big let down

Purchased because its Applied Ballistics. I was expecting accuracy and custom drag curves as promised. This app is full of bugs and is slow with updates. Combine this with their history of releasing new apps and abandoning current apps, I say stay away. Until problems are fixed and they show a track record of regular updates save your money.

Skip this and get a kestrel

Ive tried using this app and sorta got by but not even close to the kestrel custom curves and truing abilities. Buy the 5700 as its new and just available. iPhone should soon be able to apply custom drag curves. It is easy to use for the beginner but ballistics AE is more refined sure not as user friendly. U can true both if you know your muzzle velocity but not if you are just guessing and want to calc mv

Crash after crash...

I might as well have thrown $29 out the window. This app simply has bugs out the wazoo. Very disappointing. Mr Litz this app needs fixing, your name is associated with it!

Unable to put in ballistic coefficient with new update.

Unable to put in ballistic coefficient with new update.

BC cant be loaded

With this new update Im not able to load any BC.

Gets worse and worse

Cannot put in ballistic coefficient, no custom curves, substantially worse than Shooter, but supposed to be an update.

Great promise but no bug fixes for a long time

New version seems to have removed ability to adjust ballistic coefficient. Not sure what bugs were fixed, but apart from the vanishing BCs, I dont seem much difference. App is good, but still disappointed that Litz signature application is not being maintained and enhanced to fulfill the original promise. Old review: This a good app. I bought it as an upgrade to Shooter which is allegedly written by the same person. In reality there is presently no major advance over its predecessor. The ballistics modeling is a little more refined but the promised custom drag curves have still not materialized. Many of the features could need a little refinement and there are still quite a few bugs that need to be fixed. Considering this app is branded Applied Ballistics, I was expecting that it would be continuously refined to reflect positively on Mr Litz and his endeavors. I am giving it three stars, since there has been no substantial update for a long time. I am wondering if Mr Litz has given up supporting the iPhone?

Totally Unusable with Recent Update!! Unusable

You can NOT change or add BC information at all. The app is completely WORTHLESS since this major bug showed up in the most recent update. For a $30 app some one needs to put their "big boy pants" on and fix the bug. Not sure how someone can sleep at night lining their pockets by selling a product that does not work at all. No BC. No calculation. Buy something else.

Cant manually add bullets

The manually add feature for bullets does not work and the bc cannot be edited for existing loads.

Only one start because zero isnt an option

Do not buy. They should just refund everyones money and scrap it. Cannot add manual bullets. Since new 195gr Berger isnt in library you can even use it. Cant edit BCs for library bullets... Not all guns model the same.

Not working

Version bugged dont buy

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